Friday, June 19, 2015

A peak into Bryony and Roses

I almost missed Friday! Oops.  For today's Book Beginnings on Friday, hosted by Rose City Reader, here is the beginning of Bryony and Roses a new novella by T. Kingfisher (aka Ursula Vernon) ...
She was going to die because of the rutabagas. 
Bryony pushed her cloak back from her face and looked up. The space between Fumblefoot's ears had become her entire world for the past half-hour, and she was a little surprised at how large the forest was when she finally lifted her eyes. 
Unfortunately, it was all covered in a thick blanket of snow. 

And for The Friday 56 hosted at Freda's Voice here is a bit from the 56% mark ...
Bryony giggled. 
I should definitely eat more than a roll before I have any more wine ... 
"That doesn't work for being short, though," she said. "You're, what, seven feet tall? I'm definitely short next to you."
"My dear Bryony," said the Beast, "everyone is short next to me." 

And that's it ... I hope you liked the teaser. This is a lovely re-telling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, and I quite enjoyed it. Nine Goblins is still my favorite, but this one is very good.

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