Tuesday, October 14, 2014

UK - 100 Great Geosites: The Final List

As part of Earth Science Week 2014, The Geological Society of London and their partner organizations celebrated the unique geo-heritage of the UK and Ireland by creating a list of 100 Great Geosites. The UK has an amazing amount of geology crammed into a really small amount of space ! 

 See ...  

You have to do a lot more traveling in the States to cover that amount of geologic time.

Anyhow, the GSL split the 100 sites into ten categories and the winner of a public vote in each category has pride of place as the ‘People’s Favourite’.

Here are a couple of the winners ...

The cliffs at Millook Haven have a spectacular example of recumbent folds that have a characteristic “chevron” kinky shape that tends to form when strongly layered rocks are buckled. The People’s Choice in Folding and Faulting category.

Hunstanton Cliffs is notable for the colorful, stripy contrast between the red limestone, known as ‘red chalk’ and the bright white chalk layer on top and for the local fossils. The People's Choice in the Coastal category.

If you want more information about the Bedrock Geology of the UK there is a a web-based map is available through the Engineering Geology Viewer.

For something a little simpler I just found the British Geological Survey Make-a-Map site too.

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