Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Something Beautiful for a rainy day

Lots of people have probably already seen this, but I wanted to say "WOW" anyhow. The underwater sculpture of Jason deCaires Taylor is amazing. He "creates underwater living installations ...  site-specific, permanent works [that] are designed to act as artificial reefs, attracting corals, increasing marine biomass and aggregating fish species, while crucially diverting tourists away from fragile natural reefs and thus providing space for natural rejuvenation. ...

Taylor’s sculptures change over time with the effects of their environment. These factors create a living aspect to the works, which would be impossible to reproduce artificially. As time passes and the works develop biological growth, they redefine the underwater landscape, evolving within the narrative of nature."

His latest work is Ocean Atlas

This sculpture of a kneeling young Bahamian girl supporting the ceiling of the water on her shoulders is 18-feet-tall and weighs 60 tons.

The work was commissioned by the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation as one component of the Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Garden. The sculpture was constructed using sustainable pH-neutral materials to create an artificial reef for marine life to inhabit while simultaneously drawing tourists away from over stressed natural areas, allowing them time and space to recover.

Go - look at  Taylor's website!

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