Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Monday! What are You Reading? 2-16-15

It's Monday! What are You Reading? is a meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey and It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? From Picture Books to YA! is hosted by Jen at Teach Mentor Texts.

And surprise, it's the middle of February ... oops. I am going to cheat a little here, since I am pretty sure that last week lasted around 14 days or so.
Friday the 6th I complained about the weather This is what is outside my office window !
I also posted  A peak into Fairest and Brown Girl Dreaming for Book Beginnings and the Friday 56

Then on Sunday the 8th I posted a review of The Secret Rooms by Catherine Bailey - hurray, I finally finished it! 

On Wednesday I posted a review/rant about Fairest by Marissa Meyer - mini rant! probably not much of a spoiler to admit that I was less than pleased. It should have been so cool and given us an in-depth peak into Lunar culture! ARGH!  Oh - warning, spoilers - they are marked so you can skip them if you wish.   

As a bit of a palate cleanser I read Jill Mansell's Walk in the Park which was generally enjoyable, though not as much as others of Mansell's that I have liked. The end was messy and trite at the same time. Still, fun overall.
And bringing it full circle - I complained about the temperature on Friday Too d**m cold around here only for it to get  even colder today. 

I started reading The Eye of Zoltar by Japer Fforde yesterday. Much more fun. I think I am going to buzz though some middle grade stuff for fun this week. 

Also - I am still working on learning Japanese. My notebooks look like this now ... 

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