Monday, February 16, 2015

Sigh, its gotten even colder ...

Getting really tired of this. Negative 11 (yes, -11) at 8:00 o'clock this morning. The truck didn't even want to start. I am somewhat amazed that it did.

And it's official too ... not just me having Marvin as a weather station. This is what I got when I checked this morning ...

Feels like -28° - so cold it hurts to breathe and the wind strips your body warmth in subseconds. Cleaning the truck off was a ton of fun. :-( Our weather station isn't registering wind chill appropriately because the anemometer is basically frozen so it can't spin freely. We trudge over and free it up so that it works for a while, then it slowly locks up again.


  1. Winter doesn't usually get to me, but this one has. We have highs in the single digits (not counting windchill) right now and it's soooo miserably dry inside. If I turn the heater up enough that I'm not shivering, than my skin is cracking and bleeding and I can't breathe )-: I'm running a humidifier and a pot of boiling water on the stove, with another humidifier ordered. Doesn't help that it seems like I've been sick ever since the new year, picking up one thing after another from the daycare kids I visit. I really don't want any more winter *whimper*

    1. Yes - I normally have no trouble with winter, but this one ... there isn't any break. The snow keeps getting deeper, the temperature keeps getting colder and the kids have cabin fever something fierce. My hands are dry and cracking. It's awful. The weather guy just said that positive 10 might be the high for this *week* !


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