Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ha! I wasn't just whining - It was the coldest month on record!

The National Weather Service in Buffalo says that with an average temperature of 10.9 degrees February 2015 was the coldest month ever on record, beating the old record of 11.6 degrees set in February 1934. It was unusual that year too.

This means that it was twice as warm in Anchorage, Alaska (25 degrees) than it was in Buffalo last month. Eek!

Also - It never got warmer than 32 degrees all month (the only other time this happened was in 1978 according to WIVB).

Although this is officially the coldest month in Buffalo’s history, it’s not the longest cold snap. According to WIVB, before the month ends, it will have achieved 30 days of below freezing temperatures consecutively. However, that stretch is still eclipsed by four other records, the longest being 45 days below freezing.

(Yeah, I don't know what is up with the difference between the written report and the graphic. All I can say is that I am fervently thankful we aren't breaking this record too! )

Snow totals shattered some old records, but when snowfall tapered off after a few snowstorms, progress was lost on taking the top spot in snowfall, too. Buffalo in February took the third spot with 46.2 inches of snow, falling behind 1960 at 49.5 inches and 1958 at 54.2 inches of snow.

However, it still snowed almost every day -there were only two without measurable snow.

    Also according to WIVB - The last record of note is that Buffalo is tied in the top spot for numbers of days which the temperature has dipped below zero at 10 days which the thermometer has read subzero temperatures.

    Syracuse gets the idea though - we needed a graphic like this too!

    OTOH - If some idiot walks up to you with a snowball and tries to tell you that February being cold means there is no such thing as global warming - well - they are still an idiot ... or they are trying to sell you something. 

    Sen. Jim Inhofe Throws Snowball on Senate Floor

    NOAA doesn't have February up yet, but even in January you can tell - it's personal - the NE US is getting the cold shoulder while most of world is much warmer than average.


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