Friday, March 27, 2015

Yes it is snowing right now but ...

This is U.S. Senator for Oklahoma James M. Inhofe ...

Apparently he thinks that being able to make a snowball in February means there is no such thing as global warming. So much so that it is even worth grandstanding on the Senate floor holding a snowball. He even wrote a book about it …

I don't recommend it. 

NOAA released some statistics about this winter. According to NOAA, globally …
  • this has been the hottest winter (Dec-Feb) on record, topping the previous record (2007) by 0.05°F 

  • it’s been the hottest start to any year (January-February), beating the previous records (2002, 2007) by 0.07°F
  • February Arctic sea ice extent third smallest on record

Also according to NOAA, this was “the 19th warmest winter for the contiguous US.”

Globally, February 2015 was second warmest February on record!

In fact, pretty much the only place (on land) in the whole world it was really cold this winter was the East Coast of the United States!

I told you last year that this weather was personal! 

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  1. UGH, I can't stand people like that! READ THE FACTS, CLIMATE CHANGE IS HAPPENING. Gah!


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