Friday, March 28, 2014

WIPP has a new 'Recovery' website

I have been trying to follow up on activities at the WIPP site (there are too many things going on to keep up with everything!), and I just noticed that they have finally put together a nicer page as a resource. They still have not actually sent anyone inside the underground facility, but on March 26th, WIPP announced that they have finalized their inspections of the Air Intake and Salts Shafts, and found no safety or mechanical concerns. These inspections consisted of personnel slowly riding down in conveyances and visually (? - there was no mention of equipment) assessing the condition of the shaft and checking the mechanical systems. The satisfactory results bring WIPP one step closer to re‐entering the underground facility.

Information is now much easier to find on the new site and they have finally started posting some decent graphics as well - I had to work pretty hard to find the ones that I pulled together for my other posts. At least I now know that I had the location of the alarm correct.

WIPP officials have also posted the results of their investigation into the February 5th vehicle fire. The summary report can be accessed here

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