Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunday Post 3

The Sunday Post
The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Goodness, I haven't done one of these in ages! Weekends are usually frantically busy but today ended up being rather mellow. The weather is rainy and gray (which is a nice chance from snowy and gray I suppose) so we have hung out at home all day and the kids actually gave me a chance to use my own computer for once.

This past week I posted two reviews:
Wrote four environmental news posts:

And I participated in four memes: 
I am currently working on ...
Field Notes from A Catastrophe: Man, Nature and Climate Change by Elizabeth Kolbert.  I am over halfway. The book is a bit dated at this point, but well written and I would love to do the traveling that the author did. She got to visit some amazing places and see things that are no longer there.

Then, today I made the mistake of picking up Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and I have totally devoured over half the book. Other than it making me feel perfectly antique, I am really enjoying the heck out of it.


  1. Ready Player One was a fun book, and kind of a time capsule back to the 80's for me at least. Loved all the references (or at least the ones i knew).

    Hard to believe it's been 25 years since exxon Valdez... one wonders if that area will ever truly recover.

    1. I seen a lot a buzz about Ready Player One. I may have to check it out.

      Have a good week!

  2. Ready Player One is on my tbr list-some day I'll get to it (really should stop adding new books, until I get caught up a bit-ah well!).

    Finley Jayne


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