Friday, March 28, 2014

Years of Living Dangerously - Showtime April 13th

From the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media ...

"In one of the most high-profile, big-budget, and ambitious climate change communications and mass media efforts to date, Showtime will broadcast a new eight-part documentary series, “Years of Living Dangerously,” beginning April 13. The eight-part series features some of the world’s biggest names in entertainment as field correspondents.
each episode following some of the multiple issues pursued by the 16 principal storytellers involved. The $20 million production was shot at locations around the United States and the world, giving its content appeal for local and regional audiences domestically and abroad. Showtime data shows the deluxe cable station reaches 23 million cable subscribers, or about one-fifth of U.S. households with television sets. About 90 days after the show airs, DVD sales and electronic sell-through viewings, along with on-demand options, are to begin. The program’s creators say they hope to produce a second season.

As part of a larger “The Years Project,” the new documentary is to be supported also by a broader online engagement and awareness campaign."

You can read more about the project at the Yale Forum on Climate Change site - the trailers sure are impressive.  I am not one of the 1/5 of the population with Showtime Deluxe so I will have to wait to see it.

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