Friday, July 11, 2014

A peak into The Astronauts Club and The Christie Curse

I hope that everyone had a lovely 4th of July - whether or not it included fireworks.

Since I wasn't able to post a non-fiction book last week, I though I would start with one for this weeks Book Beginnings on Friday, hosted by Rose City Reader.

Here is the first bit from the first chapter of The Astronauts Club by Lily Koppel ...

They had endured years of waking up alone, making their kids breakfast, taking them to school and picking them up, fixing dinner and kissing them good night, promising that Daddy was thinking of them all the time. There had been lonely nights when they fell asleep wondering how they were going to get by on their husbands' measly pay for another month. During tours of duty in World War II or Korea or both, their husbands had nearly become mirages. 

This sounds like normal life for most women then or heck - other than the WWII/Korea bit - like now for military wives - establishing how hard it was/is to be a Navy or Air Force (or Army or Marine) wife. Many women had to cope (and still do cope) with their husbands being overseas. Humm... 

I like this bit better - it is the first bit of the Author's Note -and I think it sets the mood for the book better ...

To be an astronaut wife meant tea with Jackie Kennedy, high-society galas, and instant celebrity. It meant smiling perfectly after a makeover by Life magazine, balancing an extravagantly lacquered rocket-style hairdo, and teetering in high heels at the crux of the space age. 

And for a fiction book, here is the first page of The Christie Curse by Victoria Abbott ...

If I hadn't been desperate for a job and a new place to live, I might have made a run for it as soon as I got a good look at that sour face. But I was feeling the pinch, and in a sea of want ads seeking waitstaff, topless dancers and telemarketers, this job description was clearly written for me. 

For The Friday 56 hosted at Freda's Voice page 56 of The Astronauts Club has ...

The night before the launch, Louise tiptoed out on her front porch and taped a message to the door: THERE WILL BE NO REPORTERS IN THE HOUSE. I WILL HAVE A STATEMENT FOR THE PRESS AFTER THE FLIGHT. All night long she heard reporters creeping across her porch to reading the note. In the special astronaut quarters in Hanger S at the Cape, Alan awoke at 1:10 in the morning and sat down for his special "low residue" launch breakfast, which had been specifically designed by the NASA doctors to ensure no bowel movements in space. Amazingly, it included bacon-wrapped filet mignon, scrambled eggs, OJ, and coffee, sans milk.

Whew - well with this bit we have clearly established that NASA doctors were nuts. Good grief - coffee alone is a mild laxative! I hate to think what these guys would have considered "normal reside"! Eek - I just - wow - mind blown!

From page 56 of we have The Christie Curse ...

The Antiquarian Book and Paper Fair was a new experience for me. I wasn't sure what to expect. So, M. Poirot, I thought, let's see what we can turn up. I anted up for my ten-dollar  ticket and made my way into a room where everyone spoke in hushed tones.

Have a great weekend !


  1. Having read The Right Stuff, I'd be interested in a different point of view of the U.S. space program. The Astronaut Wives Club sounds fascinating, especially because it's true.
    The opening from The Christie Curse grabbed me too.
    Here's the link to my Friday post: WHAT MATTERS MOST.

  2. The Astronaut's Club is one I really want to get a hold of. I like the cozy too, but something about the wives tales of their husbands and what it did to them, appeals to me greatly.

    Happy weekend!

  3. I've been meaning to read The Astronaut Wives Club for ages. I live in Huntsville which plays a pretty massive part in the space program but really only know about the program itself and the actual astronauts. I know very little about their wives. I have The Christie Curse but haven't gotten to it yet. Great excerpts!

  4. Both sound like great reads, each for different reasons of course :)

    My BB & 56 

  5. The Astronaut's Club sounds like something I would like to read. In reading the book beginning, I couldn't help but think of the setting of The Help, which I enjoyed so much. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Sparrow's BB & Friday 56

  6. I am interested in stuff related to the early days in space flights. I will look for this book.

  7. I have heard a lot about The Astronaut's Club. THANKS for sharing.

    I love the second book. Adorable cover.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings


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