Friday, August 29, 2014

Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire mini review

Discount Armageddon
by Seanan McGuire

Publisher:  DAW

Format: ebook (and I think I might pick up the paperback)    
Copyright: 2012
Pages: 368 

Genre: Fiction - semi urban fantasy ?
Source: purchased  
Summary from Seanan McGuire's website

Discount Armageddon introduces us to Verity Price, journeyman cryptozoologist, ballroom dancer, and former reality television star. She's on assignment in Manhattan, researching the local cryptid community while she pursues her dance career. It's a cushy least until local cryptids start disappearing, and all signs start pointing to a man from the Covenant of St. George. But is Dominic De Luca really to blame? And if she casts her suspicions in the wrong place, is she going to survive the experience?

 Okay - this was fluff but totally fun fluff. If you are looking for something serious and logical - run far away.  If you are looking for cotton candy of the semi-urban fantasy type (no vampires or serious Gothic overtones here) this might be your bag.

The pros: I really liked the world building showing us how the cryptid communities have become incorporated into the human population of New York City or are hiding there in various niches. Verity is an interesting protagonist and you can sympathize with her internal conflict - deciding if she is going to dedicate herself to the family business - cryptozoology, or to her passion - ballroom dancing. The setup is good and while the character of Dominic is pretty paper thin and uninspiring, the rest of the cast of characters makes up for that.

One of the things that I especially love is that Verity has the support of a strong and loving family. The book totally passes the Bechtel test as well.

The cons: for a bad ass urban warrior type, Verity makes some pretty stupid decisions sometimes. Also the combat was of totally unbelievable cartoon variety.  And again, Dominic is a bit of a hot mess - lacking in veracity.

It seems if you really like Seanan McGuire's other, darker books, this one can come as a seriously disappointing shock. However, this is my first Seanan McGuire and I was totally looking for a fun vacation read, so I was really amused and was willing to suspend some serious disbelief.

Three and a half to four claws for me.  

Quote: Crazy gets all the knives.

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