Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lake Erie Still pretty ice covered

This is the April 9th image of Lake Erie (17:30GMT) - the lake is down to 47.5% ice cover, but as you can see - the end with the ice boom is still pretty thick. We are going to have to cross our fingers and hope that we are going to get our sampling trip before the end of the semester. The original estimate was that they would be removing the boom around the 14th or so.

To get an idea of what happens when the ice boom is removed here are some pictures that were taken from the International Space Station in 2007. I found the raw images first then found out that Earth Observatory has a better version then I put together, sigh.

The last thing we want them to do is release the boom just before our boat trip! Just look at what happens to the Niagara River ...

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